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Dumbwaiter is designed to carry light material / food between floors of a building. Dumb Waiters are designed or manufactured as per customized needs. They normally have small cabin size and have shelves to get maximum utility.

Key Features


Drum Type are very economical in the category. In this system rope winds on the drum when cabin moves in the upward direction and simultaneously the rope gets unwind from the drum when cabin moves in the downward direction.

Most economic

Drum types are the most economical technology

Easy to maintain

They have much lower maintenance

Higher capacity

Can carry heavier goods

Drum type elevators are also available in


Geared traction machine is used in which motor is coupled to a worm which transmits the motion to the pulley / sheave through worm gear. Sheave moves the wire rope in too & from motion who’s both the ends were tie with cabin & counter weight.

Moderate cost

This elevator cost moderately but very efficient.

Higher speed

They have a higher speed because of the technology

Higher safety

This technology comes with a high safety standards.

Counterweight type elevators are also available in


Hydraulic Type works in such a manner when oil push in the cylinder with the help of power pack piston moves up which rise the cabin. On another side by just releasing the wall oil from the cylinder come back in the power pack which lower down the cabin.

Security & Privacy

All the system is installed on initial level, so maintenance people won't move up.

Half Running Cost

It consumes energy in up direction only.

Cost Saving

It is very cost effective.

Hydraulic type elevators are also available in

Structure elevator

If there is no shaft to put the elevator, either inside the building or outside the building, a structure can be fabricated to put the elevator. Structure can be covered by any material (GP sheet/ Glass/fiber etc.)




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