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Scissor Lift Manufacturers

Scissor Lift is a platform which move vertically with the mechanism linked, folding supports in a crises-cross “X” pattern called scissor mechanism. The upward motion is achieved by the application of pressure to the outside of the lowest set of supports, elongating the crossing pattern, and propelling the work platform vertically. The platform may also have an extending deck to allow closer access to the work area, because of the inherent limits of vertical-only movement

Scissor Lift  Mechanism work on the principal of:

  • Hydraulic
  • Pneumatic
  • Mechanical
    • lead screw
    • rack and pinion

Depending on the power system employed on the lift, it may require no power to enter “descent” mode, but rather a simple release of hydraulic or pneumatic pressure. This is the main reason that these methods of powering the lifts are preferred, as it allows a fail-safe option of returning the platform to the ground by release of a manual valve.

Apart from the height and width variables, there are a few considerations required when choosing a scissor lift. Electric Scissor Lifts have smaller tires and can be charged by a standard power point.

Easy Transport of Materials with Specially Mechanized Scissor Lifts

 Scissor Lift play offers an ultimate solution in handling heavy materials by providing vertical transportation of goods. Rachna Elevator & Cranes are a renowned name when it comes to scissor lift manufacturers across PAN India. We offer a one-stop solution to all your requirements by providing customized material scissor lift, whether it is a home scissor lift, material scissor lift, irrespective of the industry.


Why are Scissor Lifts Important for Industry?


Scissor Lift, also known as Material Scissor Lift, are platforms that move vertically to transport materials. The scissor lift platform is mechanized in a manner that comes with folding supports in a criss-cross form resembling “X.” This peculiar scissor lift design is a popularly known scissor mechanism.


It makes an essential part of today’s urban world. We can see its applicability within warehouses, production line, parking areas for lifting cars, loading bay, and any place where there is the need to load heavy materials vertically. We at Rachna Elevators & Cranes deem to offer ultimate assistance to all your loading needs with our customized scissor lifts designed using high-quality materials that meet the industry standards.


Why Choose Us for your Scissor Lift Needs?


Rachna Elevator & Cranes places customer satisfaction at the top. Thus, we believe in presenting scissor lifts for sale that are in tandem with the requirements posed.


·         Our scissor lift designs are available in different variants of scissor lift heights. It includes Big scissor lifts, Small scissor lifts, Light scissor lifts, and cheap scissor lifts that does complete justice to the scissor lift pricing.

·         Use excellent quality material that renders high performance and flawless functioning.

·         Long-lasting and durable

·         The scissor lift platform with its extended deck offers closer access to the work area as it can be moved vertically.

·         The hydraulic and pneumatic system offers a safe option for returning to the ground during the valve’s manual release.


Rachna Elevator & Cranes deem to fulfill all your elevator and lifts need offering impeccable customized scissor lifts, your destination of safety and class.



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Our Product (Scissor Lift)
Our Product (Scissor Lift)
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