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Rachna Elevator & Cranes an indigenous company founded in 2008, is based on the know-how and high standard of service of elevator industry. The head office is in Delhi,india and manufacturing plant is located in industrial area Khushkhera, Bhiwadi, Rajasthan. Our company’s activities concern both the manufacturing and installation of Complete Lift and crane system.

How We Work
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We want to be known for our high quality, quality that exceeds our customers' high expectations. We constantly innovate and improve the services provided to our clients and that makes us one of the most client centered lift companies.


We are confident about customers' satisfaction as a result of reliable and high quality services that we provide. We intensively and smartly operate in the domestic market that allows us to invest in infrastructure in order to achieve our strategic targets, thus feeding a growing and progressive circle. In this way, we ensure our company’s strength and our personal professional progress.


We make best use of the available resources. We care about the environment and that is evident from our functioning and products we design. This is achieved through efficient and effective operations management


We are known and accepted for our unmatchable service delivery.


We are reliable. We standby what we commit and deliver high quality services at the promised time.


We achieve our vision by adopting four fundamental value


Why We?

Rachna Elevator & Cranes Delivers full lift packages to all levels of industry setups. We guarantee our product’s quality & long life. Winning our client trust is our true reward.

Product Quality: Elevator quality means safe, smooth and silent operation of up and down movements. We use international standards of quality equipment in our installations like. Some of the features are:

  • VVVF drive for smooth movement
  • Voltage Protection, this means maximum safety
  • Over & Under Load protection can be defined by ampere setting
  • MFS (magnetic floor sensing)
  • Phase Preventer saves electrical parts
  • Phase Sequence Corrector automatically corrects the phase polarity


We consider customer’s satisfaction as the most valuable reward for us. Our focus and commitment to customer service and support is reflected in the following:

  • Our dedicated experienced professionals provide pre & post sales technical support.
  • Products come with complete and detailed technical studies, drawings and manuals
  • Company’s organized warehouses for immediate delivery times
  • To meet our customer’s needs and expectations our R&D; team keeps on innovating and improving technical diversity.
  • Regular specialized training programs related to safety and international developments in the lift industry.

List of B.I.S. Codes and Mumbai Lift Rules & Regulations 1958, as incorporated in the Lift Act, are keeping in mind at the time of Manufacturing, Installation, & Maintenance.

  • IS 1860: 1980 Code of Practice for Installation, Operation and Maintenance of Electric Passenger and Goods Lifts
  • IS 2365: 1977 Specification for Steel Wire Suspension Ropes for Lifts, Elevators and Hoists
  • IS 3534: 1976 Outline dimensions of electric lifts
  • IS 4289: 1984 Specification for Flexible cables for lifts part 1: elastomer insulated cables and part 2: pvc insulated circular cables
  • IS 4666: 1980 Electric passenger and goods lifts
  • IS 4975: 1986 Specification for Elevators, Dental, No. 1, 2 and 3
  • IS 6383: 1971 Electric service lifts
  • IS 6620: 1972 code of practice for installation, operation and maintenance of electric service lifts
  • IS 7759: 1975 Lift door locking devices and contacts
  • IS 8216: 1976 Guide for inspection of lift wire ropes
  • IS 9878: 1981 Safety gears and governors for electric passenger and goods lifts
  • IS 10191: 1982 Car and counterweight guide rails, guide rail supports and fastenings for lifts
  • IS 10448: 1983 Retiring cam for electric passenger and goods lifts
  • IS 10913: 1984 Brakes for electric passenger and goods lifts
  • IS 11615: 1986 Car and counterweight guide shoes for electric passenger and goods lifts
  • IS 11633: 1986 Lift doors
  • IS 11706: 1986 General requirements of car-frame for electric passengers and goods lift
  • IS 14665: Part 1: 2000 Electric Traction Lifts – Part 1: Guidelines for Outline Dimensions of Passenger, Goods, Service and Hospital Lifts
  • IS 14665: Part 2: Sec 1 and 2: 2000 Electric Traction Lifts – Part 2: Code of Practice for Installation, Operation and Maintenance – Section 1: Passenger and Goods Lifts – Section 2: Service Lifts
  • IS 14665: Part 3: Sec 1 and 2: 2000 Electric Traction Lifts – Part 3: Safety Rules – Section 1: Passenger and Goods Lifts – Section 2: Service Lifts
  • IS 14665: Part 4: Sec 1 to 9: 2001 Electric Traction Lifts – Part 4: components – Section 1: Lifts Buffers – Section 2: Lift Guide Rails and Guide Shoes – Section 3: Lift Car frame, Car, Counterweight and Suspension – Section 4: Lift Safety Gears and Governors – Section 5
  • IS 14665: Part 5: 1999 Electric Traction Lifts – Specification – Part 5: Inspection Manual
  • IS 14671: 1999 Code of practice for installation and maintenance of hydraulic lifts
  • IS 14747: 1999 Lifts on Ships – Specific Requirements
  • IS 15259: 2002 Installation and Maintenance of Home Lifts – Code of Practice
  • IS 15330: 2003 Installation and Maintenance of Lifts for Handicapped Persons – Code of Practice
  • IS 15785: 2007 Installation and maintenance of lift without conventional machine rooms – Code of practice.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to provide the best quality products and services to our customers to attain maximum market share in the elevator industry..

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We achieve our vision by adopting four fundamental values. ⁍ HEALTH & SAFETY ⁍ INTEGRITY ⁍ CARE FOR PEOPLE AND FOR OUR WORK ⁍ PROGRESS & INNOVATION.


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